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Forbidden Order is a Montreal based metal band featuring two main creators. The singer Jeremy Rodriguez Carignan and the lead guitarist Raphaël Stooke had the same idea of starting a band in their image, giving birth to Forbidden Order in 2022. Having an entrepreneur mindset, the two composers wanted to push the boundaries of their abilities and differentiate themselves from the rest of the scene. With their roots in metalcore and taking influences from death metal, prog and melodics aspects, they managed to produce a sound that defies simple categorization through a message that transpires the values of the band like: Ambition, Innovation and Determination Through doubt, angst and hard work they released their debut EP “Let There Be Darkness” in 2023 and two more singles « Just Another Day » and « United » that set the table for their biggest release in 2024. Working with the best in the industry, they put the bar high to deliver a unique sound to metal fans. The band's mantra is to always innovate in every aspects and show something you don’t see everyday. The band should appeal to fans of: Avenged Sevenfold, Shadow Of Intent and Ice Nine Kills.

Reveal your potential and you shall live forever. 
We are the Forbidden Order

©2023 by Forbidden Order

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